Strange Beauty in the Hell Fires of the Atom

Presumably art can take many forms....or so say the artists. I for one would not know firsthand....I nearly flunked art in grade school and never really tried it since. I do appreciate people who can paint and draw. Because I am such a pathetic artist, I've learned to view things for their esthetics....and I've found there is a odd beauty to.....a nuclear blast.

I know what you're thinking....has this guy lost it or what ? Well, you might think this weird, but I figured what the heck....I've not noticed anything like this on the web...the sites I got these from usually put them up with some kind of technical description of megatonnage and use and all sorts of stuff....none of it artistic, you can believe that. So I decided to present these as a type of painting display. And who knows, it might get you to think....especially with the fact that two societies that detest each other have shown they are more than capable of delivering mankind's most devastating weapon on each other and in all likelihood, will do just that...and after that God above only knows what will happen.....

It is now a well-known fact that air burst testing of nuclear devices is EXTREMELY counter-productive to human existence (radioactive fallout has a way of really messing up genetics, cause cancer, etc.).

However, if you just look at the awesome mushroom cloud that results from a nuclear blast, it is - in it's own twisted sort of way I suppose - possessive of a certain beauty. I've heard on more than one occasion that a nuclear blast might show you (metaphorically speaking) what it would look like if God opened the gates of Hell just enough to give us a brief glimpse of it's terrors. But if nothing else, they do show you the possibilities of what will occur if we do let down our guard....these photos show (in my opinion) the future "Pearl Harbor" that will befall us if we don't maintain our defenses....

So I present these to you as a kind of "art".....and like art should do, I hope it makes you think....

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