The Strategic Air Command (SAC)

21 March 1946 - 1 June 1992

"Peace Is Our Profession"

Welcome to the STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND (SAC) Tribute Site. This site is in tribute to all those who served in SAC between 1946 and 1992, keeping the peace, deterring nuclear war, and finally winning the Cold War. It also serves to provide information to the public about the history of America's finest combat force.

There are several sections to this site. Just click on an underlined section, and you will taken to that specified section. The sections in this site include Information on Strategic Air Command, how The Strategic Air Command Insignia came to be, other SAC unit insignia and information, information on the creator of this site, and information on what became an "icon" for SAC - The B-52 Stratofortress.

You may also visit and join The SAC War Room on Yahoo! and leave your own notes on SAC as well as contact other former members of the command. You may also wish to help preserve the legacy of SAC by becoming a member of The Strategic Air and Space Museum.

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